About us

Klara Medical Center


Klara Medical Center is a modern facility that offers comprehensive medical services.


Accurate diagnosis and appropriate effective therapy in conjunction with diagnostics and medical equipment meet the highest world standards, allowing us to guarantee comprehensive care with respect to our Patients.


In our daily work, we value safety, professionalism, commitment, kindness, responsibility for the health of others and we constantly strive for excellence that allows us to gain the trust of Patients.

What makes us different?

Klara Medical Center is the response to the needs expressed by the local community. We meet the expectations of Patients seeking access to doctors with narrow specialization, as well as those who are looking for innovative and hardly available treatments.


The values which we adhere and goals we want to pursue, make the quality of the services performed by us meet the expectations of Patients who seek specialized and expert medical care.

Our focus are people, therefore each Patient is treated individually– from the first registry visit to the specialist consultations until all requirements have been met with respect to health care. In order to meet any and all claims, Patients of Klara Medical Center are guaranteed a short waiting time to see a specialist. The quality of our services are created on the basis of cooperation with respected medical partners whose knowledge, experience, and the latest diagnostic equipment meets the highest standards of Patient expectations.


In our work we use certified quality management methods, which makes it the Patients benefit that our unit is based on the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of services. We are aware of the progress that medicine is making every day, so for the sake of health, comfort and safety of our Patients, we constantly strive for excellence.

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