FAQ MSC Therapy

Contact data: komorki@cm-klara.pl


Procedure in centre

The patient spends in the hospital 3 days.

Day 1 – admission to the branch (afternoon)

Day 2 – administration of MSC

Day 3 – excerpt from Klara Medical Center at 10 a.m. After breakfast



In the case of neurological diseases on the findings of the doctor according to the latest published research possible applications are intravenous or intrathecal and ophthalmic are intravenous or intrathecal and ocular and orbital. Hence the estimate of the therapy is determined individually with the possibility of correction by following the course of therapy.

Enrollment procedure:

Patients are requested to submit:

– medical documentation concerning the disease
– blood test:

  1. RNA HCV
  2. Borrelia igg and igm – western blot method
  3. anty Hbs
  4. HIV

After the Patient has been qualifies for MSC Therapy, Klara Medical Center acting on behalf of the patient will enroll an official application to the Bioethics Commission within the Medical Chambers in Czestochowa, Poland where it will be evaluated.

At this stage, patients are waiting for the consideration of the application by the Commission of Bioethics.

In case of a successful application, Klara Medical Center will contact the patient to provide information regarding:

– Dates of therapy
– The cost of therapy
– Required additional information
– Organizational information

Accommodation and logistic

Patients are accomodated with a guardian or a family during their hospital stay in a modern double room with shower, WC, wifi and TV.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served for the patient and guardian or family member through out their entire stay at Klara Medical Center.
Logistics is handled by the patient.